Office Simulation for
Remote Teams

An effective and fun way to stay connected with your teammates. Let’s explore your workspace!

Great for those spontaneous team meetings or just good old office banter.
Watch your team work together for greater liability & team bonding.

Problem 1

The Line of sight

In an ideal office, you could see who is working, who is in a meeting, or who are by the water-cooler having a friendly chat. The visual accountability contributed to the culture, which resulted in winning teams. is a virtual office space where you could see your coworkers signing in daily and working as a unit, in real time, just like in a physical office. Team conversations and client meetings are as spontaneous as real life – with best in class studio. allows your team to chat or speak with each other in realtime. Without creating and pasting meeting links. Just like approaching and speaking to someone in a physical setting. Really.

Problem 2

A Real Meeting Room

No need to imagine, you are in a real meeting room. In, you can have crystal clear audio, simultaneous multi-screen shares, meeting table and chairs for each team members.

You are able to make your meeting rooms private or publish by locking and unlocking the door – just like your real office. You can also switch between room view and grid view flexibly. It has never been this easy to invite external guests who do not have account, simply send them the URL and you can start the meeting right there.

Have your team ready – Ready to solve any problems and ready to close all deals.

Problem 3

– The Last One is a Huge One –

The Client Deserves More

With, scheduling a meeting is just that simple. The calendar feature offers you the extremely easy way to create a meeting with your co-workers.

You can manage your own calendar and have it either in grid view or list view. Meeting rooms automatically appear from calendar events – no need to hunt for links or search for rooms.

A meeting reminder will pop up prior to your appointment and all you need to do is just click “Join”. makes your meeting arrangement uncomplicated and more interesting.

Problem 4

An Office Space Finally
won’t cost you an Arm and a Leg

Our realistic Office simulation mimics most of the goodness around a physical office, without having to deal with thousands of dollars associated with rentals, utilities or the nasty old landlord. You previously had an excuse of finding it difficult to afford an office space in this pandemic and difficult economic conditions. You can now find a permanent home for your employees for the price of coffee.


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