Office Simulation for Remote Teams

A fun way to stay connected with your teammates in your very own virtual office. Great for those spontaneous team meetings or just good old office banter. Watch your team work together for greater accountability & team bonding.

Problem 1/4

The Line of Sight

In an Ideal office, you could see whos working, whos in a meeting, or who are by the watercooler having a friendly chat. The visual accountability contributed to the culture, which resulted in winning teams.

That visual went missing as teams went purely remote.

Todayly is a virtual office space where you could see your coworkers signing in daily and working as a unit, in real time, just like in a physical office. Team conversations and client meetings are as spontaneous as real life – with best in class studio.

Problem 2/4

Too Much Typing

What takes minutes to speak, take hours to write. Also typing is often not spontaneous enough, and can sometimes become very official, and on the record.

No surprise that your team doesn’t write what they don’t absolutely have to Team Communication Suffers. allows your team to chat or speak with each other in realtime. Without creating and pasting meeting links. Just like approaching and speaking to someone in a physical setting. Really.


Problem 3/4 (The Last One is a Huge One)

The Client Deserves More

Meetings always required some degree of novelty. Your own space, showcasing you and your talents favorably to give you the x-factor.

The current meeting solutions, while being competent communication software, can’t replicate the Pizzaz that makes a client meeting into a Seal the Deal event.

In Todayly, you can have your team ready, and a virtual projector for you to share screen. Crystal clear audio, simultaneous multi screenshares, and members of your team sitting in their chairs. Ready to solve problems and Ready to close deals.

Problem 4/4

An Office Space Finally won’t cost you an Arm and a Leg

Our realistic Office simulation mimics most of the goodness around a physical office, without having to deal with thousands of dollars associated with rentals, utilities or the nasty old landlord. You previously had an excuse of finding it difficult to afford an office space in this pandemic and difficult economic conditions. You can now find a permanent home for your employees for the price of coffee.