3 ways to make virtual meetings (even) more efficient

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Raise your hand if remote meetings take half the time of in-person ones! I know mine do. Even so, remote work expanding beyond a temporary endeavor and in-person meetings are increasingly getting replaced with videoconferences. The silver lining to this transition of the nature of meetings is the actual of efficiency in these meetings. Based on a study that calls videoconference meetings a ‘productivity powerhouse’, 90% of respondents believe that video makes it easier to get their point across.

When viewing these meetings beyond their ‘emergency’ label due to the pandemic, you realize some great tips in making these virtual meetings even more efficient than they are.

Hint: they require a little more than your perfected-yet-simple videoconference.

1. Optimizing your tools

Before thinking of any piece of content or structure for your virtual meeting, you need to remember one thing: you might be dealing with severe Zoom fatigue! Sure, videoconferencing tools are highly efficient in their technical features. However, at the current state of remote work advancement, there are way more attractive and efficient options in the market for top-notch virtual experience. Some of the office-mimicking tools available offer their own conference room simulations.

Tip: You can always sign up for free trials, and test how your meeting participants respond.

2. Laying out outcomes of the meeting

Putting forth expected results at the beginning of the meeting might take a few moments, but will save plenty. Laying out these expectations or outcomes can give immunity to interruptions and digressions, while making everyone stay alert to specific areas of discussion. As an article by Davis and Co suggests, setting expectations or outcomes for the meetings can include assigning a role to each participant, explaining how the meeting will be organized, or even how different tools in the videoconference can be used.

3. Utilizing the right technology

The Davis and Co article gives highly valuable advices in using technology to make virtual meetings more efficient. A notable tip is utilizing the available technology within the tools your company uses, and diversifying the ways you want to gather insights from the meetings. Among many examples, some included in the article, we have:

-Short surveys to conduct with meeting attendees;
-Asking a question and requiring answers be written in the Chat box of your videoconferencing tool;
-Screen-sharing or presenting any related visuals, ideally throughout the whole presentation;
-Whiteboards for brainstorming ideas.

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